Guatemala Expedition: El Mirador Trek

06/06/2020 through 04/28/2021
06/06/2020 through 05/08/2021
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Guatemala Expedition: El Mirador Trek

Go in search of ancient Maya civilisation on an eight-day expedition of northern Guatemala. The Carmelita El Mirador jungle trek is an incredible active adventure that takes you through the lush thickets of the Mirador-Rio Azul National Park, past overgrown jungle and native bird and wildlife. You’ll discover ancient citadels – some of the oldest discovered in Mesoamerica. Camping beside the sites gives you direct and uninterrupted access to learn and gaze at the historical wonders. Challenge yourself and turn back time on this exciting historical Guatemalan trek.


  • Flores – Leader-led orientation walk
  • La Muerta – Archaeological site
  • El Mirador – Sunset on El Tigre Pyramid
  • El Mirador – Archaeological Site
  • El Tintal – Archaeological site


  • Begin in Flores – a charming river town perched on an island, where the locals are laidback and the lifestyle is even more relaxed.
  • Challenge yourself to a trekking and camping experience deep in the Guatemalan jungle, where you can stray off the usual tourist route and have the comfort of knowing that all meals are included.
  • El Mirador is one of the oldest ever discovered civilisations in Mesoamerica. Spend time on a guided tour to learn about the network of cities and explore the depths of the park at your own pace.
  • Discover the unique wildlife in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, including more than 250 species of bird, 56 species of reptiles and amphibians, and 16 species of fish.
  • Stop off by a local community canteen on your way back in Carmelita. You’ll be served up traditional Guatemalan hospitality, which is always friendly.


Day 1 Flores
Day 2 Flores
Day 3 Carmelitas / El Tintal
Day 4 El Mirador
Day 5 El Mirador
Day 6 El Mirador
Day 7 Carmelitas / Flores
Day 8 Flores

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